Prof. Dr. Maria Rentetzi

Principal investigator

Trained as a physicist, historian of science and STS scholar, Rentetzi’s research focuses on nuclear diplomacy and gender in science and technology.

Ariadne Papageorgiou


Postdoctoral Fellows

Dr. Kapil Patil

Patil examines how the IAEA mediated diverse techno-political interests to institutionalize global radiation safety governance in the post-Cold War years.

Dr. Aske Nielsen

Nielsen works on the early development of radiation protection standards by the IAEA and the Agency’s cooperation with other international bodies.

PhD Students

Irina Fedorova

Fedorova investigates the early relations between the IAEA and the Soviet-led Council for Mutual Economic Assistance.

Loukas Freris

Freris explores the political and diplomatic aspects of nuclear research and radiation protection policies in postwar Greece.

Mohamed Elsayed

Elsayed Elsayed is a Ph.D. candidate and research assistant in the ERC-Project “Living with Radiation: The History of Radiation Protection and the International Atomic Energy Agency” (HRP-IAEA)

Affiliated Scholars

Dr. Donatella Germanese

Prof. George Vlahakis

Sonali Huria

Student Assistants

Emil Fischer

The IT-Guy

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