How did the IAEA, a diplomatic and political international organization, come to dominate scientific institutions with a long tradition in radiation protection?

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Swims in Palomares and strawberries in Athens

“Living with Radiation” HRP-IAEA · Swims in Palomares and strawberries in Athens What does a box of strawberries at the Greek Nuclear Center “Demokritos” in 1986 have to do with a diplomatic bath in the cold waters of Palomares in 1966? They were both used by political leaders and scientists to manage the world’s panic […]

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International History of Radiation Protection

As a unique technoscientific and diplomatic organization, the IAEA embodies the defining feature of post-WWII nuclear research: political collaboration on an international level became the precondition for any international scientific cooperation.

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The Historical Relations of the IAEA to Other Regulatory Agencies

In the late 1950s the UN started to develop an international regulatory system for managing ionizing radiation risks based heavily on the geopolitical division of the world.

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Standardization and Implementation

The conceptual analysis of standardization is key to understanding scientific work at the interface of laboratory and clinical or industrial practice.

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